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Dethatching Services

What is dethatching and what does it do ? 

  • It is the technique of removing thick thatch on a lawn. 


  • Thatch is a layer of natural materials, such as dead grass, leaves, and other debris that hasn't died. This blocks the soil from getting air, water and nutrients.


  • ​Dethatching helps grass roots grow healthy, stronger and more beautiful.​​

When to dethatch lawn ?

  • Cool Season Grasses: (Kentucky bluegrass, fescue) 

    - Should be dethatched once a year 

    - Best season for this type of grasses is early spring, which is around mid-March to early April. 

    - It is during this period that grass is actively growing
    and the soil is moist and cool. This makes it easier to remove the thatch without damaging the grass.



  • Warm Season Grasses: (Bermuda grass, zoysia) 


      - Best season for these types of grasses is in late spring          through early summer, after the second mowing. 


      - This is when the grass is growing rapidly.

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