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What is Aeration?
  • It is the technique of making holes in the soil of a lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the roots of the grass. 

What are the benefits of Aeration? 
  • It helps the grass roots grow deeply to be able to produce a healthier and stronger lawn. 


  • Alleviates soil compaction, which is caused by heavy foot traffic, recreational use, and pets. (Soil compaction causes restraints on root growth and can lead to thatch buildup.)


  • Limits thatch accumulation

How often should you Aerate ?
  • Annual Aeration: For most lawns which is once a year. Spring or fall is an ideal time. (if your lawn has heavy foot traffic you can consider dong it twice a year)


  • High Traffic Areas:  This is for specific areas that receive frequent use, like pathways or play areas. Spot aeration is recommended, which means it is spot focused. 

  • Thatch Accumulation: If you have excess thatch buildup more than half an inch, aerating frequently is recommended. 

  • New Lawns: It is recommended to aerate newly established lawns during their second growing season. 

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